Shanghai Five Plus Industrial Co.,Ltd was established in Shanghai since 2003, known as Point Consulting (Shanghai) limited company previously, which is mainly for exporting kitchen hardware and related accessories.

With a decade of development, our team has accumulated rich experiences on designing, manufacturing, quality control and selling services. Meanwhile, we have a good supplier system and obtain strategic supporting from many domestic excellent hardware manufacturers because of the powerful background of our company.

We make your idea come true.

Our product expresses our life experiences, concerning towards the users and the understanding of good quality. We focus on both domestic and exporting business; and in 2014, we renamed our company name as “Shanghai Five Plus Industrial Co.,Ltd”. Will now, we have been putting effort on our new product ceaselessly, and have successfully designed multifunctional popcorn pots which is suitable for China market. The pot has won the national invention patent and has been highly praises by the customers and users at home and abroad.  At the same time, we respond to the North American customers by adjusting the design to make it become more in line with the habits of local users.

 As the executive team of Shanghai Five Plus Industrial Co., Ltd., every member deeply loves nature and life. We constantly devotes ourselves to the designing, research & development, and also the manufacturing of the appliance for healthy snacks for families. We put a lot of effort on details, overcome difficulties and finally make the impossible possible. Our purpose is to create a more professional Made-in-China products, so to let everyone enjoy the fun of making the safe simple snack at home, and make the snack appliances become a family culture.